About the Website Manager


My name is Nadine and I was born on December 27, 1981. As a child I have always loved the movies with Claude Gensac and Louis de Funes. The eccentric Louis de Funes and the reserved Claude Gensac. A fantastic movie couple.
By managing the website, it is allowed to me, things I have collected (Theatre programs, interviews etc.) in good use to share with other.

By Claudes very varied work, it is a big challenge over and over again to find older material. But I like this challenge and I hope that I could show this, on the single sides.


I am a German fan and I apologize if English should not be quite correct once. :)


History of project


About several months I have tried to find a website which contains all information about Claude Gensac. Unfortunately, I had no luck. And thus came to me the idea to create this website.

Such a miraculous actress should also have an own website.


Online since 01.09.2012. I try to update the website constantly and to expand. So that this project becomes the most comprehensive Internet resource about Claude Gensac.




(Most images used on this website are the copyright of their photographer and/or the production company of the show. If somebody feels injured in his rights, please write to me an e-mail, and I remove the material or put a copyright. It is not my intention to decorate me with work which I myself have not done. This website is a non-commercial endeavour.