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Гастробар "Москва" в Воронеже, отзыв - ужасный сервис

relsqyj | 03/08/2018

Гастробар "Москва" в Воронеже, отзыв
Полный провал
В разгар дня в понедельник отказали в посещении голодной беременной девушке, мотивируя, что в ресторане дресс-код, а я в шортах ребят, на улице жара-июнь лично для меня это за гранью добра и зла ставлю жирный дизлайк за малодушный сельский выпендреж, желаю месту побольше лояльности к клиентам

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CharlesHot | 03/08/2018

The pass rush was so effective the Seahawks had a hard time getting new tight end Jimmy Graham involved in much.
That's what a win can do for a team.
Edelman got his NFL opportunity when the Patriots drafted him in the seventh round, the 232nd out of 256 players picked.
There is no chance of Vick being in the mix for the starting job so long as Roethlisberger 锟?who hasn't missed a game in two years 锟?remains healthy. Vick instead will get a chance to beat out Landry Jones for the No. 2 spot. Jones remains a project entering his third season, though Tomlin has stressed repeatedly that the "arrow is pointing up" in terms of Jones' development.
The 12-year veteran was held out while dealing with personal issues that prevented him from reporting to camp on time.
Peterson currently is on the commissioner's exempt list while the NFL appeals a federal judge's decision to nullify an arbitration ruling that upheld his suspension.

Rest in Peace

Sabine | 06/01/2017

So sad to read about the death of Claude Gensac- I'd wished her many more active and happy years :-(
She was just a great actress and I love especially all the films in which she opposited the unforgettable Louis de Funès...

Thank you very much for this website, Nadine!
Claude Gensac has died just on your 35. Birthday :-(


Marsha | 28/12/2016

It is GREAT that you can make this post besides Facebook. Good job!!

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