Baden Baden (2016)

A film by: Rachel Lang


Release date: 29. December (Germany)

Running time: 1h and 36 minutes




Richard Salome - Ana
Claude Gensac - Grandmother
Lazare Gousseau - Gregory
Swann Arlaud - Simon
Olivier Chantreau - Boris
Jorijn Vriesendorps - Mira
Noémie Rosset - Meriem
Zabou Breitman -  Ana´s mother
Thomas Silberstein - Samson
Kris Porter Bellair - Boris´s Mother
Régis Lang - Ana´s Father
Kate Moran - Lois
Mathieu Mortelmans - Production assistant
Sam Louwyck - Andrew
Driss Ramdi - Amar




After a failed attempt at working on a foreign film set, 26 year-old Ana returns to her hometown of Strasbourg. Over the scorching summer that follows, she decides to replace her grandmother's bathtub with a walk-in shower, eat peas and carrots with ketchup, drive a Porsche, harvest plums, lose her driver's license, sleep with her best friend and get
back together with her ex. In short, over this particular summer, Ana tries to get her life together.





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