Cloud Waltzing (1987)

Cloud Waltzing (1987)

Director: Gordon Flemyng


Running time: 1 hour and 43 minutes



Kathleen Beller: Meredith Tolliver

Paul Maxwell: Andrew Tolliver

David Baxt: Phil Bundy

François-Eric Gendron: François De Paul

Thérèse Liotard: Monique

Claude Gensac: Madame Hibbert

Dora Doll: Madame Solange




An American journalist is in quest of an interview with a reclusive French winemaker. In order to penetrate vineyard owner Francois de Paul's highly guarded privacy and pen an accurate portrait of him, Meredith Tolliver must overcome her fear of flying to join him in his passion for hot-air ballooning. They both end up becoming romantically involved.