Coursier (2010)

Coursier (2010)

A film by Hervé Renoh, released in 2010.


Running time: 1 hour and 30 minutes



Michaël Youn : Samuel Skjqurilngskwicz

Géraldine Nakache : Nadia

Jimmy Jean-Louis : Loki

Didier Flamand : Maurice

Catalina Denis : Louise

Frédéric Chau : Rico

Natalia Dontcheva : Iris

Gianni Giardinelli : Ice

Claude Gensac : La Hollandaise

Lord Kossity : Anton

Fatsah Bouyahmed : Toff

Jo Prestia : Sharas

Eric Naggar : Jacques

Blandine Bury : Anne-Marie

Damien Ferrette : Gustave

Marie-Madeleine Burguet-Le Doze : Consuela

Christophe Rouzaud : Jorge



Sam is courier. He traveled to Paris, often in defiance of the basic rules of the highway code. While it is imperative to attend a wedding to try to save her relationship with Nadia, he has no choice but to accept an urgent errand for his boss...