Désir sous les ormes (1958)

Désir sous les ormes (1958)

by Eugene O'Neill


Original title : Desire Under the Elms
Director: Delbert Mann
Scenario: Irwin Shaw after the play by Eugene O'Neill, Desire Under the Elms (New York, 1924)
Music: Elmer Bernstein
Photography: Daniel L. Fappani for Desire Under the Elms ( Desire Under the Elms ) Delbert Mann
Sound: Winston H. Leverett , Harold Lewis

Genre: comedy drama
Duration: 111 minutes

Release Date : March 12, 1958 in the United States



Sophia Loren (VF : Claude Gensac ) : Anna Cabot   

Anthony Perkins ( VF: Michel Francois ) : Abel Cabot   

Burl Ives ( VF: Jacques Berlioz ) : Ephraim Cabot   

Pernell Roberts ( VF: Jean Violette ): Pierre Cabot   

Frank Overton (VF : Raymond Loyer ) : Simeon Cabot   

Rebecca Welles : Lucinda Cabot   

Jean Willes (VF : Françoise Fechter ) : Florence Cabot   

Anne Seymour ( VF: Lita Recio ) : the mother of Eben   

Roy Fant : Fiddler



The hulking widower Ephraim Cabot abandons his New England farm to his three sons, who hate him but share his greed. Eben, the youngest and brightest sibling, feels the farm is his birthright, as it originally belonged to his mother. He buys out his half-brothers' shares of the farm with money stolen from his father, and Peter and Simeon head off to California to seek their fortune. Later, Ephraim returns with a new wife, the beautiful and headstrong Abbie, who enters into an adulterous affair with Eben. Soon after, Abbie bears Eben's child, but lets Ephraim believe that the child is his, in the hopes of securing her future with the farm. The proud Ephraim is oblivious as his neighbors openly mock him as a cuckold. Madly in love with Eben and fearful it would become an obstacle to their relationship, Abbie smothers the infant in its cradle. An enraged and distraught Eben turns Abbie over to the sheriff, but not before admitting to himself the depths of his love for her and thus confessing his own role in the infanticide.  (Wikipedia)