Gaston Phébus (1978)

Gaston Phébus (1978)

A film by Jacques Armand and Bernard Borderie, released in 1978


Running time: 360 minutes (6 Episodes)



Jean-Claude Drouot : Gaston Phébus

Nicole Garcia : Agnès de Navarre

Pascale Rivault : Myriam

Claude Gensac: Jeanne de Bourgogne

François Maistre: Philippe VI de Valois

France Dougnac : Marguerite

Georges Marchal: Corbeyran

Gérard Hérold : Charles de Navarre

Jean-François Lixon : Gaston

Dora Doll : Florine

Jean-François Poron : Espaing




The story is set during the Hundred Years War , Gaston wife Miriam, his tender childhood friend whom he is madly in love. Unfortunately for him, he will meet with the King of Navarre, Charles the Bad . Agnes, sister of the latter, falls madly in love with the handsome Gaston. With the help of her brother, she is poison and Myriam Gaston tries to attract in the nets of love. Phoebus take revenge by marrying Agnes force, refusing to sleep with her before multiplying infidelities.




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