Hibernatus (1969)

Hibernatus (1969)

 A film by Édouard Molinaro, released in 1969.


Running time: 1 hour and 18 minutes



Louis de Funès : Hubert Barrère de Tartas

Claude Gensac : Edmée de Tartas

Bernard Alane : Paul Fournier

Olivier de Funès : Didier de Tartas

Michael Lonsdale : Professor Edouard Lauriebat

Martine Kelly : Sophie

Paul Préboist : Charles

Yves Vincent : M. Edouard Crépin-Jaujard

Annick Alane : Mme Crépin-Jaujard

Éliette Demay : Évelyne Crépin-Jaujard



A thawed grandfather does Louis de Funès to the edge of the insanity!

The contemplative and life quiet above all of manufacturer Hubert de Tartas and his family is completely put on the head when the grandfather Paul Fournier returns absolutely unexpectedly. 65 years after his ship against an iceberg hit, the body Fourniers was discovered preserved in a block of ice and was got back in the life! Fourniers problem: He still believes, he is 25 and lives at the beginning of the century. Now it is the thankful task of the family, the odd ice person take up and him slowly to the new world to accustom. To let believe him, he still lives at times of his 25-th birthday, they decorate the house and dress in the style of the turn of the century. In the end, one does not want to risk that ' old man ' suffers a shock if he notes that he lives no more in the era of the horse coaches and the invention of the electricity.