Jo (1971)

 Jo (1971)

A film by Jean Girault, released in 1971.


Running time: 1 hour and 22 minutes



Louis de Funès : Antoine Brisebard                       

Claude Gensac : Sylvie Brisebard                          

Bernard Blier : Inspector Ducros                                  

Michel Galabru : Tonelotti                                       

Christiane Muller : Mathilde

Florence Blot : Mme Cramuse

Guy Tréjan : Me Adrien Colas

Ferdy Mayne : M. Grunder

Yvonne Clech : Mme Grunder

Micheline Luccioni : Françoise

Jacques Marin : Andrieux

Carlo Nell : Plumerel



Antoine is very nervous, because he is blackmailed. Anyhow he must procure the money. He wants to sell his house. In the beginning his wife is against it. There remains only one solution: Murder!
Antoine writes just a screenplay in which a murder seems. This seems to be the best solution. A murder like in the screenplay. He believes that he has discovered the perfect murder. The murder is explained and the corpse will bury under the new pavilion. However, not without difficulties. In the end Antoine must recognize that not he, but a stranger ' has shot his victim ' on open street. Now who lies really under the pavilion? First he believes to have murdered a relative. But nothing. Who is the mysterious dead person under the Pavilion?...