La caméra explore le temps - Le véritable Aiglon (1959)

La caméra explore le temps - Le véritable Aiglon (1959)

Director: Stellio Lorenzi

Season 1, Episode 10



Running time: 2 hours



Claude Gensac: Marie-Louise

Lucien Nat: The emperor François

Pierre Asso: Dietrichstein

Joël Flateau: Aiglon, child

Etienne Bierry: Neipperg

Jacques Castelot: Metternich

Guy Kerner: Apponyi

William Sabatier: Montholon

Jean-François Poron: Aiglon

Fernand Fabre: Caraman

Robert Federich: Gustav Neipperg

René Blancard: Belliard

Claude Balthazar: Prokesch 

François Maistre: Delarue




This is from the letters of the Duke of Reichstadt his mother, evidence of a unfortunate childhood lived in austere at Schönbrunn castle of the Habsburgs, the authors of the program "The camera explores time" trace what was the life of the Aiglon, died of tuberculosis at the Austrian court, at the age of 21 years.