La Soupe aux choux (1981)

 La Soupe aux choux (1981)

 A film by Jean Girault, released in 1981


Running time: 1 hour and 38 minutes



Louis de Funès : Claude Ratinie

Jean Carmet : Francis Chérasse

Jacques Villeret: The extraterrestrial of the planet Oxo

Christine Dejoux : Francine

Claude Gensac : Amélie Poulangeard

Gaëlle Legrand : Catherine Lamouette

Philippe Ruggieri : Robert

Perrette Souplex : Aimée

Max Montavon: Brother of Amélie Poulangeard

Philippe Brizard : Guillaume




Farmer Claude Ratinier and his hunchbacked neighbor Francis Chérasse have to expect no more a lot from the life. Most time, are the both on their farm with wine and Pastis, as well as food of selfcooked cabbage soup. One day this causes in connection with the Pastis, with both, extremely violent flatulence that one can hear the noises in the universe. Still at night an extraterrestrial with his spaceship lands and stands before the door of Claude. He believes at first in an illusion as a result of his consumption of alcohol, however, the visitor is real and interested very much in the cabbage soup...