La Vie d'un honnête homme (1952)

 La Vie d'un honnête homme (1952)

A Film by Sacha Guitry, released in 1953.


Running time: 1 hour and 25 minutes


 Michel Simon : Albert and Alain Ménard-Lacoste

 Louis de Funès : Emile

 Marguerite Pierry : Madeleine Lacoste

 François Guérin : Pierre Lacoste

 Laurence Badie : Juliette Lacoste

 Claude Gensac : Evelyne





Albert and Alain Ménard-Lacoste are twin brothers. The first succeeded in his life: he became  a rich  and respectable man, feared by his circle and leading a hellish life to his family. He is  not happy. The  second travelled a lot and was very modestly. A meeting takes place between  both brothers and Alain  dies. Albert takes over his personality...