Le Bal du comte d'Orgel (1970)

A film by  Marc Allégret, released in 1970


Running time: 1 hour and 35 minutes



Jean-Claude Brialy: The count Anne d'Orgel

Sylvie Fennec: Countess Mahaut d'Orgel

Bruno Garcin : François de Seyrieuse

Claude Gensac: Mademoiselle d'Orgel

Gérard Lartigau : Paul Robin

Marpessa Dawn : Marie

Ginette Leclerc : Hortense d'Austerlitz

Aly Raffy : Mirza



1920. Count Anne d'Orgel entertains the upper crust of Paris. A handsome young man, François de Séryeuse, who is fascinated by him, gets into his manor and falls in love with Mahé, the count's young wife. Mahé alerts her husband but Anne does not care much, dismissing the fledgling idyll as sheer childishness, even if Mahé faints on stage while playing "The Tempest" with François, even if she dreams of François night after night...

Written by Guy Bellinger