Le Chasseur de chez Maxim's (1976)

 Le Chasseur de chez Maxim's (1976)

A film by Claude Vital, released in 1976.


Running time: 1 hour and 40 minutes



Michel Galabru : Julien Mercier

Jean Lefebvre : Francis

Francis Perrin : Octave

Claude Gensac : Germaine

Marie-Hélène Breillat : Totoche

Sabine Azéma : Geneviève

Gérard Hernandez : Hernandez

Nicole Desailly : Lucette

Rachel Cathoud : Cri-Cri



Mr. Julien hunter for many years at Maxim's. It is appreciated by all for his discretion and his perfect knowledge of casseroles. Also, when he announces his intention to retire, his boss says. He threatens to reveal to his wife, who believed industrial, the true nature of his employment. A heart against Julien resigned, but his life becomes impossible, disturbed by the curiosity of his nephew and the lightness of his mistress.