Le Chevalier Tempête (1967)

Le Chevalier Tempête (1967)

A film by André-Paul Antoine and Pierre-André Bréal, released in  1967


Running time: 270 minutes (12 Episodes)



Robert Etcheverry : François de Recci

Geneviève Casile : Isabelle de Sospel

Jacques Balutin : Guillot

Claude Gensac : Mireille

Denise Grey: The duchess of Blainville

Franck Estange : Ricardo

Giani Esposito : Mazarin

Mario Pilar : Alonzo

Angelo Bardi : Bodinelli

Gilles Pelletier : Thoiras

José Luis de Vilallonga : Castellan

Jean Martinelli: Count of Sospel

Gérard Buhr : Kleist

Dora Doll : Coralie

Eva Damien : Lisette

Jacques Echantillon : Arsène

Monique Morisi : Suzanne

Hubert Noël : Flins

Michèle Varnier : Zerbinette

Christian Le Guillochet : Robiro



Handsome, fearless soldier, hero of the famous siege of La Rochelle, where he fought the previous year, Sir Francis Ricci storm has been dubbed "The Knight Storm" by his troops because of his valor and bravery. Seriously injured in one of his last assault, François is recovering at the Duchesse de Blainville, his aunt, who collected the death of his parents. Intimate friend of the queen, the duchess has only one idea: to marry his nephew.





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