Le Grand Patron - Entre deux rives (2004)

 Le Grand Patron - Entre deux rives (2004)

Director: Claudio Tonetti


Running time: 1 hour and 30 minutes


Episodes: 15



Francis Huster: Doctor Maxime Fresnay

Gabrielle Lazure: Sophie Jansen

Firmine Richard: Solange Gentil

Steve Kalfa: Simon Hellman

Françoise Christophe: Annie Fresnay

Bruno Slagmulder: Fabrice Carlin

Claude Gensac: Rose

Jean-Claude Dauphin: Victor




Maxime Fresnay faces the case of Victor became amnesic after an attempted suicide. The Big Boss decides to discover the identity of this man and redoubles effort when he discovers that Victor is a victim of Kennedy syndrome, a terrible genetic disease. Pressure is more intense when Maxime learns heart problem his ex-wife Sophie. Meanwhile, a girl from Mali enters the service in order to be cured.





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