Les Grandes Vacances (1967)

Les Grandes Vacances (1967)

A film by Jean Girault, released in 1967.


Running time: 1 hour and 25 minutes



Louis de Funès : M. Charles Bosquier

Claude Gensac : Mme Isabelle Bosquier

Ferdy Mayne : Mac Farrell

Martine Kelly : Shirley Mac Farrell

Olivier de Funès : Gérard Bosquier

François Leccia : Philippe Bosquier

Maurice Risch : Stéphane Michonnet

Jean-Pierre Bertrand : Christian

René Bouloc : Bargin

Jacques Dublin : Claude

Dominique Maurin : Michel



Charles Bosquier leads a private school in France. His son Philippe gets a bad mark in the English lesson, whereupon he is sent for the duration of the holidays to Scotland. There he should be accommodated in the house of Scottish whisky producer MacFarrell. Philippe lets for itself, nevertheless, his friend Stephane Michonnet go, he himself disappears with Shirley MacFarrell.