L'Immortel (2010)

L'Immortel (2010)

A film by Jacky Imbert, released in 2010.


Running time: 1 hour and 55 minutes



Jean Reno : Charly Matteï

Kad Merad : Tony Zacchia

Gabriella Wright : Yasmina Telaa

Richard Berry : Aurelio Rampoli

Marina Foïs : Marie Goldman

Claude Gensac : Mme Fontarosa

Jean-Pierre Darroussin : Martin Beaudinard

Fani Kolarova : Christelle Mattei

Venantino Venantini : Padovano

Joséphine Berry : Eva

Moussa Maaskri : Karim

Carlo Brandt : Fontarosa

Daniel Lundh : Malek Telaa

Christian Mazzuchini : Bastien

Dominique Thomas : Papalardo

Philippe Magnan : Pothey

Catherine Samie : Stella Matteï

Jessica Forde : Clothilde

Luc Palun : Pascal Vasetto

Max Baissette de Malglaive : Anatole Matteï




Charly Mattei has turned the page on its past outlaw. For three years, he led a quiet life devoted to his wife and two children. However, one winter morning, he is left for dead in the parking lot of the old port in Marseille with 22 bullets in his body. Against all odds, he will not die ...