Lulu, femme nue… (2013)

 Lulu, femme nue… (2013)

By Etienne Davodeau

Realisation: Solveig Anspach


Release date: 2013





Karin Viard - Lucie (genannt Lulu)
Bouli Lanners - Charles

Claude Gensac - Marthe
Pascal Demolon - Richard
Philippe Rebbot - Jean-Marie
Marie Payen - Cécile
Solène Rigot - Morgane






Lulu breaks out. Nothing great. Not to Venice or another spectacular place, only in a bathing resort desolate by the tourists in Normandy. She takes a time out, she falls in love and, nevertheless, knows that she has to go back. However, she does not create the step: A little bit still, a few days … She would rather try to live on the street and to survive by helpless theft attempts and, besides, meets other lost like her.