Oscar (1967)

Oscar (1967)

A film by Édouard Molinaro, released in 1967.


Running time: 1 hour and 22 minutes



Louis de Funès : Bertrand Barnier

Claude Rich : Christian Martin

Claude Gensac : Germaine Barnier

Agathe Natanson : Colette Barnier

Mario David : Philippe Dubois

Dominique Page : Bernadette

Sylvia Saurel : Jacqueline Bouillotte

Paul Préboist : Charles

Germaine Delbat : Charlotte Bouillotte



The enterpriser Bertrand Barnier is visited one morning in his house by his employee Christian Martin who asks him for a high salary rise. At the same time Martin admits having robbed his boss of a higher sum of money and asks for the hand of his daughter. As a countermove Martin promises a tax evasion Barniers not publicly to do. After initial hesitation Barnier agrees. He appeals to his daughter Colette to the incident who is high pleased with the news, not, nevertheless, Barnier. The housemaid Bernadette gives her the tip to simulate a pregnancy. As a result the father gives his approval.