Pucelle (1950)

Pucelle (1950)

by Jacques Audiberti

Staging: Georges Vitaly (premiere 1st June 1950)


Theatre: Théâtre de la Huchette, Paris





Music: Hubert Auriol

Designer: André Marchand

Costumes: Christiane Coste



Simone Cendry (Mother)

Maurice Chevit (Mathieu)

Monique Delaroche (Jeannette)

Jaques Fabbri (The Squire)

Claude Gensac (Joannine)

Lucien Hubert (The Duke)

Jean Laugier (The Bishop)

Pierre Mondy (Father)

Monique Nicolas (Pierre)

Max Palenc (Viscount)

Lucien Poulidet (The King)

Xavier Renoult (Gilbert)





The fertile idea of the author is the cleavage of Jeanne in two stage characters. One, called Joannine is raised as educated girl, but kept the men against their virginity. That gives her magical power and enables her as a military leader for the liberation of France. The other I the same person, Jeanette married, a farmer who looks after the pigs and provides for the house.
Third game level: a mystery play, from Joannines teacher Gilbert wrote after her death, will be performed by a troupe actors in the markets. It proclaims the glory of the burned heretic to be a saint. As the player of the Joannine did not appear to be an idea that takes a peasant woman, who wanted to watch the Part It is Jeanette. At the stake in the game takes place the mystical union of two Johanna-souls and Johanna-figures...