Sous le soleil (2005)

 Sous le soleil (2005)

Director: Eric Summer


 La Comédie des sentiments

+ Strictement Confidentiel

+  L'Appel du large 


Running time: 52 minutes

Seasons: 14

Episodes: 480



Claude Gensac : Aunt Clarisse

Marie-Christine Adam : Blandine Olivier

Sylvain Corthay : Pierre Olivier

Stéphane Slima : Alain Dulac

Frédéric Deban : Grégory Lacroix

Roméo Sarfati : Louis Lacroix

Avy Marciano : Samuel Devos

Bénédicte Delmas : Laure Olivier

Tonya Kinzinger : Jessica Lowry 

Adeline Blondieau : Caroline Drancourt

Mallaury Nataf : Sandra Robert




Under the sun of the French Riviera, a group of friends meet regularly on the Beach Saint-Tropez. Young and brimming with passion, Laure, Caroline and Jessica are three faithful friends who are the heart of this fine team. They share a common goal: to achieve fulfillment in their career choices without sacrificing their privacy, their love often tumultuous. A challenge that has a price they never want to forget: friendship ...



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