Un été de canicule (2003)

 Un été de canicule (2003)

Director: Sébastien Grall


Episodes: 4


Running time: 1 hour and 30 minutes



Charlotte de Turckheim : Emma Soubeyrand
Anthony Delon : Antoine Soubeyrand
Julie Debazac : Marine
Philippe Lefebvre : Paul Soubeyrand
Mathieu Delarive : Vincent Soubeyrand
Lisa Martino : Sophie
Frédéric Gorny : Raphaël
Yvon Back : Arnaud
Julie Bataille : Lily

Claude Gensac : Mamette
Selma Brook : Agathe




In a village in the heart of the Luberon, Emma Soubeyrand, patroness of coffee Tilleuls is a woman of character who devotes her four children love almost stifling. When Antoine, his senior, returns after seven years of absence, he discovers that Paul, the youngest, married Marine, his childhood sweetheart ...




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